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About Clean-Coat

Hi – my name’s Chuck Zweber – owner of Clean-Coat. In 2006 I decided to switch career paths. I got my contractor’s license and began working in the home maintenance, repair and remodeling industry.

Over the years, I found a common need for many homeowners and businesses alike: to perform spring cleaning, staining, sealing and coating of neglected exterior surfaces. Since then I’ve fully transitioned to pressure washing and specialty coating services. I enjoy cleaning, protecting and beautifying peoples’ most valuable assets now and for many seasons to follow.

Clean-Coat is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. Our team members have over 15 years of professional cleaning and specialty coating experience and bring attention to detail and quality workmanship to every job – large or small. Contact us today for your 100% FREE estimate!

Pressure washing gets rid of dirt, mold, mildew and other contaminants that disrupt, damage and deteriorate your exterior surfaces. Regular cleaning and maintenance keeps your surfaces in tip top shape – prolonging both their quality and lifespan and saving money on repair and replacements down the line.

Many surfaces are inherently imperfect even when initially laid. This leaves even new surfaces predisposed to damage – especially the elements. Uncoated surfaces are porous and easily absorb and hold water. They’re also  equally susceptible to damage and fading from sunlight. Sealing and coating protects your surfaces from damage caused by the elements, changes in temperature, chemicals and general wear and tear.

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