What time of year is best to treat or remove moss?

Many people wonder what is the best time of year to address moss. Fall is a perfect time for moss removal and treatment. Most surfaces can be pressure washed as a means of moss removal which addresses most of the organic growth. It is also a good time to chemically treat the microscopic spores which begin to bloom in the fall. If you live in an area where your run-off water does not impact surrounding water sheds, a host of different chemicals including potassium salts, Zinc Sulfite, Zinc Chloride and various bleach based concentrates can be used to mitigate growth. In many cases people are concerned for the health of their families, their pets, their plants and their planet. In that instance, the only other alternative to chemical applications is to use physical agitation (like a deck brash) or cleaning with a heated-water pressure washing system at about 180-degrees. Clean-Coat offers a host of solutions for your toughest moss infestations.