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Sometimes preparing warehouse floors and other indoor concrete surfaces is not as simple as “just pressure-washing.” In most cases, there isn’t adequate drainage for the high volume of water produced, so we must consider other concrete preparation options. Those options include wet scrubbing with a vacuum recovery system and concrete grinding or polishing.

With the scrubbing system, we typically pre-treat the concrete with an etching agent followed by a PH-neutralizing agent. This opens the pores of the concrete allowing sealants to penetrate and coatings to bond to the surface.

In some cases, we may need to rely upon more aggressive surface preparation, utilizing mechanical diamond grinding or polishing. This not only eliminates difficult-to-remove surface contaminants and old coatings, it also allows for a highly profiled surface that enhances the penetration and bond of concrete sealant, decorative epoxy, paint, and elastomeric coatings. Some clients opt for concrete polishing only. This provides a smooth and somewhat medium-sheen finish, that is virtually maintenance-free.

Regardless of what concrete preparation method is most suitable for you, Clean-Coat has an array of cleaning and sealing options for most indoor, outdoor, horizontal, or vertical concrete surfaces – including large commercial projects.