Many of our clients with pool decks are part of an HOA, or are members of a community pool or recreation center. In most cases, these are the clients who have the most use at their pools, thus their concrete joints and surfaces require more frequent maintenance. Between all concrete slabs around pools, there is a void, which is called and expansion joint. That joint should be sealed with a 2-part, polysulfide based, elastomeric joint seal at all times. Pool chemicals including chlorine and bromine are notorious for deteriorating or braking-down most seals. If left unchecked, the seal eventually fails, allowing water to pass through the seal and under the concrete slab. This flow of water can erode the underlying soil thus causing additional stress cracks on the concrete slab. Most of our clients with pools recognize that sealing the expansion joins is much more cost effective that doing repair work to the concrete. Call today to have a Clean-Coat professional examine your pool deck and expansion joint surfaces.