We receive many questions regarding changing the color of stamped and stained concrete. While re-staining with a darker dye-color is possible, changing from a dark stain color to a lighter color is another story. The new die process does not cover and hide previous die-colors. The die is merely a pigment added to water, denatured alcohol or acetone and is semi-transparent when applied. The die is a concentrate that is diluted and suspended in the various fluids and in spray applied. The fluid will carry the die down into the pours of the exposed cement and into the multitude of tiny/lighter damaged areas and low spots in the stamp-texture. Some of the die settles and dries on high spots also, so this will actually darken the existing color!

*** It should also be noted that the clear sealer that is applied after the staining process, has no pigment, yet it will accentuate how dark the underlying die and cement looks. It gives cement almost a wet look, just like fresh rain on a dry driveway or sidewalk would make the cement darker, although there is no pigment in rain-water either.

If our goal is to restore the stain on areas that have been damaged by rain, sun, hot tire pick-up and previous pressure washing, we need to use the same die-color in order to yield the best possibility of a uniform/completed die job. It is possible to minimize how much darker the finished color will be by pre-die the larger deteriorated stain-areas, then dilute the die to about 50% during the full surface application.