How to seal your Pool Deck


Now that it’s pool season in the northwest, we receive several calls from clients inquiring about cleaning, sealing and coating their concrete pool decks. Many people ask us, what’s the best type of sealer for their stamped concrete and exposed aggregate surfaces. Depending on the environment we’re working in, we recommend either water based acrylic sealers or a Xylene based acrylic sealers. The water based sealer is a low VOC (or green product) and provides a good clear protective film that should be applied every other year. The Xylene based acrylic sealers are also a clear top-coat, but also penetrate deeper into the cement binder and usually last about three years before maintenance coats are required. Cost is about the same for both products and both are compatible with an anti-slip additive, which provides better wet-surface traction between bare feet and pool decks.